Secretly shop romantic gifts, games for your lover with BlissBasket

Mayur Masrani, Founder,

In 2012, Mayur was searching for romantic gifting options other than the typical flower and teddy bears.

“I found nothing. I have been to Switzerland and South Africa where you can find a variety of products like romantic games, edible lingerie etc. I thought this is an opportunity to bring world class romantic products into India,” says Mayur Masrani.

Despite being born in the land of ‘Kamasutra’, we get tongue-tied when it comes to discussing sex. It is also a fact that people are always on the lookout for such romantic gifting ideas but their options are limited.

“These are more of a feel-good products rather than real romantic products,” says Mayur. was born due to the two aforementioned reasons. “We bring world class romantic products and deliver directly to your doorstep discreetly,” he adds.

BlissBasket which was launched on January 01, 2014, imports almost all its products from across the world and claims to provide 100% original and genuine ‘real romantic products’.

“We help people create the perfect love(r) for you. With our world class products, we help them express and fulfill that very basic feeling,” says Mayur.

For now, Mayur is the only Founder and sole proprietor for the venture and has a team of developers and a marketing person in support functions.

“We just completed our survey and the results gave us another reason to get going. The customers clearly said in the survey result that they have been searching for these varieties. They have been giving us reviews like ‘We fell in Love again, thank you’. All this feedback feels really good.”

Product BlissBasket1The website offers an assortment of lingerie, condoms, innerwear, edible lingerie and other romantic and naughty games for both him and her.

What differentiates BlissBasket, according to Mayur, is the ‘Secret Order Processing’ feature where no one, including the team members, has complete information about the customers and the exact product that they have ordered. This has been achieved by a clear separation between all departments.

“Each department receives only the required information. For example, the warehouse department will have access to only the Reference ID generated against the order number and the products to be packaged, while the customer care executive will have access to only the order number and no access to the customer name and address,” Mayur explains.

“The privacy of customer data is of utmost importance and for that we have separated each module with multiple levels of authorization required. If a customer has any issues regarding their name and address, then the customer care executive will have to get necessary permission to see it,” he adds.

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The products are dispatched in a brown wrap or box with only the customer name, address, and contact number mentioned. Neither the return address nor the website logo is placed on the package.

Product BlissBasket2“The main intent behind implementing the above process is that people feel shy while buying such products and we want to take care of his/her privacy, so they can shop comfortably and without embarrassment,” he says, adding, “If you believe in something then no matter how much time, hard work and struggle it requires, it is your responsibility to make it happen.”

Mayur intends to bring more varieties of products and categories to the website.

Contrary to other families, Mayur’s family completely supports his venture.

“I come from a Gujarati business family and they don’t encourage working on a job. I was working in an IT firm as a Business Analyst but there was regular pressure from my family to start a business. I didn’t have an idea at that point in time. As soon as I spotted this opportunity, I quit my job and started working on it. My parents like the fact that I am struggling in running a business rather than being settled in an easy paying job. They are the main driving force behind the startup.”

Aah! What would other entrepreneurs give to have parents like Mayur’s?

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