What is Google going to reveal today at Google I/O?

Google’s Annual Developer Conference, Google I/O 2014 will be a two day extravaganza starting today at San Francisco.  Two days of surprises and releases for which everyone would be waiting relentless from today evening.

Google’s Nest API release and also the release of driveless car prior to this year’s Google  I/O have raised the bars of expectations at the event.

Last year, Google Glass had stolen the show at the event, Google also revealed their work on predictive computing, their strategy in giving Google+ a facelift.

Here are a few predictions about what Google might most likely concentrate on :

Google TV and Android in home


Google already has control over the thermostats and smoke detectors (Nest) and more recently over the security cameras (Dropcam) in the home.

Many people are already using Chromecast for streaming content onto their television sets. Google might be bringing improvements to Chromecast to enable streaming via smartphones or a tablet.

Google is expected to bring Android to televisions, and it will most likely take multiple forms and come from a variety of manufacturers. A  set-top box, code-named ‘Molly‘ is expected to be released.

Google will try to push and extend the network of connected devices in the home.

Android in cars

Automobiles are the new target for all major technology giants from Apple to Google.

Google is expected to push forward its CarPlay infotainment system this year. Though it was officially announced in January, not much is  known about the Android-powered in-car system.

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Partners including GM, Hyundai and Audi are on board and the tech is set to debut in new vehicles by the end of this year.

This announcement will show how Android is expanding beyond just smartphones and tablets to cover a wide range of connected hardware and software.

Google’s love for hardware

The much anticipated Android wearable devices will also most likely make their debut, with Motorola, LG and Samsung unveiling new devices. You shouldn’t be surprised to see people wearing new cool wearable devices – a new watch or a wrist band.


Motorola’s Moto 360 a smart watch with an elegant circular form factor and a lot of new interactive features is expected to be launched officially. Sergey Brin might come to the event flaunting the device.

LG G, a smartwatch with a square screen powered with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, the same chipset that powers the Motorola’s Moto G smartphone is expected.

Google Glass seen avaible on Google UK Playstore, Google might extend the distribution and add few more markets. Google might have few design improvements for its glass.

A mid sized Nexus tablet from HTC, powered by the K1 chip from Nvidia, is  expected to be announced at the conference, but will most likely come out in the market later this year.

Here is a promo from Google about Android Wear :

Android Lollipop or Ladoo?

A new version of Android 5.0 is not expected, but a 4.5 update of Android most likely titled ‘Lollipop‘ or something else with the letter ‘L’ is expected.

Till date, Google always used a sweet’s name for their version updates. Keeping up with the same trend, even Android Ladoo could be a probable choice. Pricebaba team is trying hard to request Google to name this new update as Ladoo, about 9236 people have already supported this campaign.
Also more recently, its believed that Quantum Paper will be  looking to bring a total redesign to Android, and Polymer is said to be a framework to help make that happen through customization of reusable interface elements.

Though traditionally Google I/O has been a developer event, this year Google might extend its focus towards designers and marketers too.

When its about Google, none can predict what surprises it might have up its sleeve.

It’s the time of the year to go ‘Wow’.

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