Best Ramadan apps for you this season

The first day is the hardest. Starting today, millions of Muslims will observe their first day of Ramadan. It’s a challenge to break from the monotony of regularly gorging on munchies and convenient tea breaks, so the first day is spent largely reminding yourself that Ramadan has, indeed, begun. Your stomach, on the other hand, spoilt by its old ways, is usually busy re-enacting the Battle of Melos inside you, whilst you politely re-assure your friends, ‘No, it’s okay. You can eat in front of me. We’re stronger than that, really.’

Ramadan proves that disciplined self-control, in every sense of the way, is certainly achievable on an empty stomach (We’re looking at you, America’s Next Top Model!). So, for all those fasting, and other who want to experience Ramadan to its fullest, here are 4 multi-feature apps that’ll make this Ramadan your most productive one. If not anything… then, at least, stay for the food!


iPray: Prayer Times & Qibla Compass

Guided Ways Technologies Ltd

iOS ($3.99) / Android (Rs 187.32)

iPray is one of the best prayer apps, especially if you’re an iPhone user. With multiple-city settings, a qibla compass, custom prayer notifications, Islamic calender and a host of other related settings, it’s an incredibly sleek and functional app for prayer needs.

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The app uniquely goes into minute details of adjusting settings for individual prayers, which makes it stand apart from other apps in its category.


iQuran Lite

Guided Ways Technologies Ltd


Since, most Muslims (and everyone else) are not Arabic speakers, the iQuran Lite is a tech manna. With translations, pronunciations, audio recitations and a search option, iQuran Lite makes reading a far less daunting and far more meaningful experience, especially for people who’re interested in understanding what they’re reading. The app is also an excellent edition to your tablets if you want your children to read the Qur’an with all its meanings and correct pronunciations.

Unfortunately, the only drawback of this product is that it’s exclusively for English and Arabic speakers. If you’re looking for a more feature-laden experience, including multiple language translations, then Quran Tasfir Pro (Salaam Software) is your kind of app, in spite of a few glitches.


Muslim Pro – Ramadan 2014

Bitsmedia Pte Ltd


This simple, clean and efficient app is your one-stop destination for all things this Ramadan. It includes prayer times, fasting times, Quran recitations, qibla directions, a calender, as well as, listings of restaurants that serve halal food near your geographical area.

The app is built on a multi-lingual platform that includes various European and Asian languages, making it very popular with a vast set of people.


Resala Ramadan

Yufid Inc.


For those of you new to Ramadan, the Resala Ramadan app is a perfect beginner’s guide before you move on to more complex ones that may leave you thoroughly confused.

Whatever the essential rules, regulations and principles of fasting, Resala Ramadan provides a clean user interface and clear language to impart the information, to help you make the best of Ramadan.


My Halal Kitchen 

Batoul Apps

iOS ($1.99)

For the larger audience, the coming of Ramadan means satiating yourself with a variety of mouth-watering delicacies, many of which are traditionally cooked only during this month.

My Halal Kitchen (English/Arabic) gives you a long list of ‘breakfast, appetizer, entree’ meals along with drinks and desserts to prepare this Ramadan. The app features a variety of cuisines which include Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and American amongst others.

If you’re looking something more disciplining for your dietary needs, then Ramadan Diet (iOS) by 700apps contains exercise reminders, dietary advice as part of a Ramadan weight-loss programme.

So, make sure you keep yourself smart, up-to-date, savvy and avoid piling on the pounds this Ramadan. It’s all about restraint, after all!


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