After 2.5 years of research, healthcare hardware device Diabeto is ready for alpha testing

Diabeto is a healthcare hardware device that comes with an application to track and keep a check on diabetes. The user can sync his or her glucometer readings into the smartphone wirelessly via Diabeto hardware. All the data is securely stored in the cloud and the data can be shared with healthcare practitioners.

Some of the features of the Diabeto app:

  • Access all stats on one home screen
  • Track meals and physical activity in addition to BG (blood glucose)
  • Set BG reminders and even email graphs to your doctor

Diabeto is a TechSparks company and has been researching the product for two-and-a-half years now. The device is at a stage where the team has launched an alpha testing campaign for which they’re giving away the device and the iOS application for free to test it out and get feedback to improve the product.

“We finally have a prototype ready for manufacturing. However, we need your help here and need your opinions on making the hardware + iOS app better by reporting bugs and additional features,” says the Diabeto team on their alpha testing page.

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The company was founded by Amir Shaikh, Shreekant Pawar and Hemanshu Jain back in 2012. They were a part of the accelerator program at Startup Chile (What Happens in Chile Doesn’t Stay in Chile; The ‘Startup Chile’ Experience With Shreekant). Since then, the company has been working on the product launch. Diabeto has also been looking to raise funds to go into manufacturing sooner but they haven’t been able to do so yet. They intend to launch an Indiegogo campaign for the same later in July 2014.

Shreekant and Hemanshu also run a services company called Frasbee  which has helped them sustain alongside focusing on Diabteo. Farasbee has taken up web development, app development and online marketing projects for a bunch of clients.


Talking about the alpha release for Diabeto, Shreekant says, “This is a private alpha release and we would be giving away Diabeto hardware and accompanying iOS application to selected users who would be willing to help us with feedback, interviews and testimonials.”

The inclusion criterion is not just people living with diabetes but also their caretakers especially parents of children with Type 1 diabetes. In the two weeks of launch, the alpha testing program has received registrations from more than 20 countries. “We have started recruiting people with Type 1 diabetes in the UK in collaboration with University College London for a four week technology study for Diabeto,” says Shreekant (details).


Healthcare as a sector is very relevant for India and has always been on the radar for investors but there haven’t been enough investments due to multiple reasons (like getting FDA clearance and other guidelines, risk aversion, etc).

Diabeto plays in a tough healthcare and hardware domain and with the alpha testing phase here, market validation is close for the product. The traction and response will also determine the course this young team takes with Diabeto in the future.

Website: Diabeto alpha testing

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