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There are lists everywhere, left, right and center. This is one more but it has a purpose- The Startup Watchlist is a Monday morning feature on YourStory that’ll bring to you five promising startups you should have your eyes open for. You may be an entrepreneur, an investor, a customer or someone just interested in the startup space, the Startup Watchlist is your weekly dose of the best startups and why we think they’re good.


Today, we’re doing a mixed bag with five startups from various sectors who have the potential to rock:

1) Veinus: Veinus, from InfraEyes is an easy-to-use, portable, non-invasive, vein-detecting device that visually assists in finding the best vein for cannulation with no risks or side effects.

Why is Veinus on the list?

• Hardware device in the healthcare space, very much needed. Full marks for ambition.
• A solid team, Veinus has been founded by Priyank Saxena, Mayank Saxena and Saurabh Gupta who bring a cumulative experience of 25+ years.

2) Df3d (dfthreed): It is a design factory, a software platform for 3d printing, marketplace, e-commerce and design services. It enables businesses to become 3D printing-capable with their own brand name. This facilitates companies to easily create, correct, validate, sell designs and integrate an entire marketplace of designs.

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Why is Df3d on the list?

• An innovative concept in an upcoming field- according to a McKinsey report, implications of 3-D printing are substantial, with a potential impact of up to $550 billion a year by 2025.

3) Vedantu: Enables professional training institutes, schools and universities, educational publishing houses or any teacher to launch their own education App and help them create a marketplace of their paid/free courses on mobile/tablet devices for students increasing their reach and business.

Why is Vedantu on the list?

• A team with an exit in the education space on its back (read full story)
• Explores a very promising intersection between education and mobile.

4) Bundl: Logistics startup, a complete delivery management system. Bundl is a very young startups that aims to solve the problem of logistics for SMBs.

Why is Bundl on the list?

• The idea is strong and tries to solve a hard problem- logistics in India.

(Update: The company had 25 customers but is making a pivot right now, is not taking up more till they find a model)

5) BrowserStack: An online tool that allows developers to test their web applications by running real OSes and browsers within the browser.

Why is BrowserStack on the list?

• A very legitimate developer problem finds a solution.
• The tool is very clean and usable.
• Good traction with 22,000+ customers

These were the five startups this Monday, do drop in your comments as to what do you think about them and drop in your suggestions as to how we can make this column better. 

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Jubin is an old timer at YourStory. Deeply entrenched in the Indian startup ecosystem, he has written about and analysed more than 1000 startups. He operates from the mountains in Dharamshala where he plays with technology, farming and eco-construction. He can be reached on Twitter @jub_in and on mail at

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