Cloud-based field management software Fieldomobify connects your office to the field

Fieldomobify allows you to easily manage your field operations and improve service delivery. It comes with a web and mobile solution where a dispatcher can assign service calls to field workers and they will get a push notification about the call assigned. This enables the field worker to see the details of the service call and client call. It also allows the field worker to see other details such client details, and contract details etc. After completion of a service call, the field worker can take the picture of the asset or the site to show proof of work too.


According to the Fieldomobify CEO, Amol Pomane, “It reduces your operation and business management efforts by automating the whole service delivery process. Our clients have seen at least 20% growth in their efficiency.”

We are targeting all types of field service industries. “Whoever has a mobile workforce they are our customers,” says Amol adding, “In india we are targeting the following industries — HVAC, heavy equipment manufacturers, retail, logistic and supply chain management, electrical and telecommunication,”  he adds.

According to Amol, what differentiates his product in the market is that Fieldomobify can accommodate any service industry. “It’s a framework within which any service industry would fit it.”

The advantages of Fieldomobify are that is connects the office and the field. It allows for the real time tracking of all business activities. The management of sales and enquiries in one application is possible and most importantly the mobile app works in a no internet zone as well.

“Moving forward, we will work for integrations with some third party solutions like Salesforce, Dropbox, and Mailchimp etc.” says Amol.

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The story of Amol’s startup is an interesting one. He says, “It was not accidental. It was also not just something I was interested in. I had been thinking about this for a long time. At my previous workplace we were working on asimilar solution for a client. From that time onwards, I had started thinking about this idea.”

Amol discussed the idea in detail with his friend Sridhar. “I worked on this idea and did some primary research too. I spoke to many service organizations and understood their requirement.” This helped Amol to make his idea stronger. Following this, he quit his job and along with his friend, Sridhar, he launched Fieldomobify.  

Amol says, “Sridhar took care of all technical requirements while I focused on the wireframes and our business strategy.”

Amol’s thirst for learning is commendable. He says that, “at my previous workplace I learned very quickly, worked in every possible area, fought to do extra work so that I could learn quickly and build myself to run a company. Even today, I spend 1-2 hours studying various things, reading case studies, talking to entrepreneurs and meeting them to discuss various problems.” This hunger for learning keeps him going. He adds, “One day I want to start many startups and provide employment to a lot of people.”


One of the important learnings Amol wants to share is that,never go to the stage of product building unless you validate the idea. Talk to your prospects and understand their requirement or do a proper market study.” He adds further, “Try to do sales even before you start the product development, this way you can have inputs coming in and it may help you to have a sales pipeline.”

Fieldomobify comprises of 12 team members. “The team is growing stadily,” says Amol. Sridhar manages the technical aspect and has under under him one team lead and 4 junior software developers. Amol has 3 customer support and 3 sales people under him.

In the coming months, Amol says that he plans to increase his technical team. As the product is in its first version, he will try and build a strong and affordable product which will change the complete field service industry.

“From a long chat with Sridhar at the coffee shop, to the idea and its growth, to testing the waters and taking feeback before we even got started and then building and testing the product has been a drawn out process. I have cherished each and every moment of it,” says Amol.

A customer education in terms of the concept was a little bit challenging at the beginning; we overcame it by continuous meetings with customers and a proper customer support.

An entrepreneur has to face risks at every stage of his journey. Starting up after marriage is always risky, he adds.

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