Tiempy lets you schedule posts at the ‘right’ time on various social networks


Tiempy is a South American startup that is fighting the typical David v/s Goliath story. They compete with the likes of Hootsuite and Buffer but the team has got a good response from South America and Europe, which has now encouraged them to go after new markets- US and India.

What is Tiempy?

Tiempy is a platform that lets users schedule their content for the social networks, but with a little tweak. The platform automatically chooses the best time to post it. (The users can choose their own time if they want to).

Who’s behind the product?

MatiasThree Argentines- Diego (COO, 27), Luciano (CTO, 21), and Matias (CEO,21)- have developed the product. Diego is the only one who studied in college, while the other two are completely self taught. “We are great as a team, we complement each other perfectly, Luciano is great in tech, Diego is great at User Acquisition and I, well, you can call me the hustler,” says Matias. They have managed to raise $100K and started building the product about a year ago. They launched a BETA where around 3000 people registered, and a month ago, the trio launched the Premium plans.  “We needed to test the product first, to know if there was a need for a simple platform that could be use for everyone, that’s why we say Tiempy is ‘Social Media for Dummies’. Now the product is tested, we are selling,” says Matias.

How does it work

We use a really complex algorithm developed by our coding team. Basically we analyze the statistics from every single network to know when people is online, and shoot the post at the perfect time. More eyeballs will pay attention to your content.

Traction, Pricing and the Vision

Right now, Tiempy has between 7000 and 7500 active users around the world. The product pricing is cheaper than competitors Buffer and Hootsuite. They position themselves to be affordable for startups and little businesses, and at the same time the platform can scale if the customer is a bigger company.

The free plan: User can schedule 3 simultaneous publications in just 3 networks.
The premium plan: At $5 a month, user can schedule up to 200 publications simultaneously in up to 20 networks.

The vision for Tiempy is to simplify the process of maintaining social media accounts for every single business around the world.

We know we have huge competitors like Buffer and Hootsuite, but we are aiming to the people that don’t want to read statistics or learn how to use complex tools, with Tiempy you can schedule your content in about a minute,’  and it will be posted automatically at the best time, so, ‘why would you worry? just keep doing what you know, the core of your business.’

Website: Tiempy

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