“Valuation is an art, not a science” – 20 quotes from Indian startup journeys

From business values to company valuation, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see last week’s post here)! Share these 20 gems and insights from the week of August 24-31 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights!


Valuation is an art, not a science. – Mohandas Pai at TechSparks 2014

Learn to spend more time with your problems before giving up on them. – Vedang Manerikar, Helpshift

Those who fail to acknowledge and adapt themselves to the digital revolution will become the “Kodak” of this industry. – Aakash Educational Services

Computer programming is an art, because it applies accumulated knowledge to the world, because it requires skill and ingenuity, and especially because it produces objects of beauty. – Donald Knuth

Nobody in India is used to paying for financial advice. They all sort of expect it for free. – Ankur Kapur, FinQA

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I want every girl to be unique and write her own story. – Sonali, GyanLab

The role of addressing problems with great solutions is part of entrepreneurship, so never quit because of problems, fix it with a great solution. Think big. – Kiran Kumar Gali, NumberMall

Leadership is the central force mobilising people to create something that did not previously exist. – John Kotter, XLR8

For children with autism, I used the mask with a specific reason: I told them nobody can see your face, so your identity is protected. – Dr Parasuram Ramamoorthi, Velvi Trust

Apps account for more than 70% of all redBus mobile bookings with majority of them coming from the Android app. – Prakash Sangam, redBus

B2B marketers are increasingly looking for insight driven marketing campaigns and switching from the legacy model of generic marketing blast approach. – Varun Chandran, Corporate360

Like most other tech-related things, 3D printing in India is far behind the US and even China when it comes to IP as well as services. – Prajnay Boddepalli, REALiz3D

Whales are your must-win customers around whom you can build and grow your startup. – Sanjay Nath, Blume Ventures

Hourly employees are one of today’s most valuable workforces, and they could be more effective and productive with innovative technology tools available to them. – Chris Todd, Theatro

Do work that matters and do it from the heart. Then see where life takes you. – Rajkumar Gupta, Mukti Group

People are our most critical asset and we almost always look for people with a real spike and with a strong can-do. Experience is secondary in a world where we are redefining the rules every day. – Suchi Mukherjee, LimeRoad

Healthy eating is the world’s fastest growing food market trend. – Soujanya Obulapu, Soups n’ Salads

Drop the code once in a while, grab a camera and find the answers you need outside your office, not inside. – Ashwini Asokan, Mad Street Den

Businesses need to respond to changing markets faster, cheaper and better. – Wooqer

Being transparent with your customer on your product/service will always take your business to the next level. – Gireesh Challa, Notary Mama

You can’t rule the ocean with what you learnt in the well. – Ankur Kumar, Aldoshik Technologies



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