Author - Murali D

Murali D I read people in books, search for thoughts in people, explore solutions in thoughts, and look for problems that connect with solutions.

  • Marry technology and learning – S. S. Nathan, CEO, BVM Global Bala Vidya Mandir

    When we India got its Independence, we were thinking more in terms of how we are going to educate our masses. To educate the masses, we wanted our students to master a certain minimum. And now we are facing the situation where, though we have the advantage of numbers in our country, we do not have the quality. Quality, in the sense, we do not have the Nobel laureates. Going by simple mathematical calculation, if you have five Nobel laureates elsewhere in the world, we must have at least 10 times that number because of the population, but we do not have.

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  • Keep your ‘L’ board alive – M. S. Arulvel, Associate Vice President, Malar Publications

    Arusuvai Arasu (meaning, in Tamil, the emperor of six tastes of food) is N. Nataraja Iyer, an octogenarian who had created a niche for himself in the food industry, and served food for lakhs of people. Recalling a meeting with Arusuvai Arasu, M. S. Arulvel, Associate Vice President of Malar Publications Ltd, shares an insight of relevance to entrepreneurs: “He says that the hotel proprietor who is ready to clean the table will become a great businessman. That’s really true.”

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