Author - Shinie Antony

Shinie Antony Shinie Antony is a writer, editor and literary adventurer. 'It’s Official' is her weekly column with on matters professional, career-oriented and entrepreneurial. For work is not always worship.

  • Let’s go to office

    Offices are mostly made up of men and their machines. But with all the technology advances, which are advancing even as we speak, machines are rapidly replacing..

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  • More travel, less talk

    When it comes to business trips, all are on the go. Corporates prefer to keep executives in motion and airlines clock up frequent flyer miles; the more..

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  • The boss from hell

    Bosses are meant to be bitched about. The harder you nod in their presence, the faster you forward boss jokes. And even if it gets sent to..

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  • The Tehelka Effect

    Starting this Friday YourStory brings you a weekly column It’s Official by Bangalore-based author Shinie Antony. Stand by for some hot gossip on office politics, workplace wars, professional rivalries. Entrepreneurs, watch out:..

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