Incredible AM Pvt Ltd is a manufacturer of electrolytic iron powder, electrolytic iron flakes, pre-alloyed powder, and reduced iron powder

Basic Information

Incredible AM Pvt Ltd was established in 2017. IMP is a world class manufacturer of electrolytic Iron powder, electrolytic Iron flakes, pre-alloyed powder, and reduced iron powder. Incredible AM originated from Industrial Metal Powders (IMP) who has over 44 years of trusted experience in manufacturing the unsurpassable quality product. Incredible AM has been driven by the needs of the customers and their unique business challenges in Healthcare as well as Engineering Industries. The company has been supplying its products to over 33 countries worldwide which has nutritional, pharmaceuticals, engineering, chemical, water remediation etc. Incredible AM works in hand with a large group of skilled and experienced leaders, engineers and doctors who turn the vision into reality. Their state of art plant provides all the facilities that are needed to provide the best possible solutions to Industries at lowest price, highest quality and fastest lead time. See more

Legal Name


Incredible AM Pvt Ltd



Pune, Maharashtra, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Mahesh Dhoka