Aathun is on a journey to preserve, support, and empower the folk musicians of Rajasthan.

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Aathun is on a constant search for folk artists, folk musicians and folk instrumentalists who are otherwise hidden from the public eyes. Their vision is a world in which folk artists, musicians and singers of Rajasthan are able to access aid and assistance by doing what they are best at for a large audience and in the process, re-gain confidence, dignity and mutual trust. The actualization of the program lies in its soulful musical melodies of talented and passionate rural artists, musicians and singers. Under the aegis of the program, they bring to spotlight these traditional rural musicians and instrumentalists of various communities through events, exhibitions and experiences. ARRTH is an initiative of Aathun to discover, support and enable the rural folk musicians, artists and singers of Rajasthan to increase their livelihood opportunities as well as sustain their passion for music, culture and heritage. See more



Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

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Kartik Gaggar