Actimize Software solutions is one of the fast growing company comprised of talented young developers having good in-depth experience in various technologies and designing techniques. See more

Basic Information

Actimize Software believes in delivering the best service to our clients and develop as a best IT service provider and provide best to their clients by accelerating their business with their services. They will assure that giving their full support to clients based on there requirement from end to end in all the dimentions in the process. Their vision lies mainly in providing quality of work irrespective of its toughness, rather their team work helps them to provide excellence in performing tasks. See more

Legal Name


Actimize Software Solutions Pvt Ltd



Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh, India

Business Model




Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Chaitanya Tatavolu

Co-Founder & CEO


Sameer Sri Vishnu


Jan | Strategic Partnership
In a strategic partnership the partners remain independent; share the benefits from, risks in and control over joint actions; and make ongoing contributions in strategic areas.

Target Market


Our mission is to assist our clients to enjoy the technology they use and reap the benefits it can provide for their productivity and business profitability.

Client Segment


Blockchain, Services, Software

Target Companies


Startup, Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise


We work with our clients as business partners rather than merely developers, assisting them in simultaneously developing their software and their company.

User Age


18 to 25, 26 to 34, 35 to 45, 46 to 60

User Income


Lower-middle Income, Upper-middle Income, High Income