Ahad is a Noida based boutique that specialises on soaps, creams and other skincare items.

Basic Information

Noida based Ahad is a boutique that specialises on soaps, creams, toners, face oils, face masks and other skincare items. They have an assortment of handcrafted soap bars and bricks, which can be customised for size. This boutique offers something for all age groups and genders. With fragrances and goodness of jasmine, rose, grapefruit, lavender, lilies, sandal, almond one would find mounds of soap, body washes, face washes, glow packs and gels which can be used safely on any skin type. The kid's collection is alluring shapes like starfish, elephants, monkeys, and teddy bears just to name a few. When gifting these soaps, the packaging is customised to fit every budget. They have a variety of options from splendid little bags and trays to metal reusable boxes and even the traditional glass jars. See more



Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

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Bindu Chopra