AppSealing is a cloud based mobile app security solution with runtime application self-protection features.

Basic Information

AppSealing is a cloud based mobile app security solution with Runtime application self-protection features. AppSealing provides businesses with an end-to-end comprehensive mobile app security suite. It not only insures your application against existing security threats but protects against runtime threats using Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP). Meaningful alerts and action points are generated on the fly to keep business owners aware of the threats. AppSealing encrypts source code and maintains app integrity. Since it sits as a layer over the app, the cheat tool and emulator detection ensure runtime protection against multiple attack vectors. AppSealing provides support to wide-ranging app genres, like mobile games, O2O businesses, fintech, etc. See more



Seoul, Seoul, Korea South

Business Model



Founding Date


Oct 2014

Core Team


James Sungmin Ahn

Oct | Company Incorporation
AppSealing was incorporated with a focus in mind to protect mobile application business from ever growing hacking community.

Revenue Streams

Target Market


Our target customers are applications from Gaming, Fintech, OTT, O2o, E-commerce and other sectors

Client Segment


Entertainment, FinTech, Gaming, Technology

Target Companies


Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise, Startup

Target Geography