ASQI Advisors is a forecasting technology company with expertise in advanced quantitative methods and AI/ML applied to Indian companies.

Basic Information

Mumbai, Maharashtra based ASQI Advisors specialize in the application of machine learning, artificial intelligence and quantitative methods to solve problems in the domain of finance. ASQI stands for Advanced Statistical and Quantitative Intelligence. They have built a multi-purpose forecasting engine by drawing upon a wide variety of conventional and alternate data. They create a variety of forecasts for sectors and companies in India – such as credit risk quantification, credit pricing, and expected growth rates etc. At ASQI, their focus is to reliably forecast financial health of companies and sectors and update it in real-time as new information keeps streaming in constantly. They have developed a forecasting platform and credit intelligence system to address exactly the need. Their Salient Features: Machine Learning - They use advanced machine learning techniques to infer the relationship between various input variables and the probability of default of a company; Expert systems - There is a great deal of knowledge and expertise amongst human researchers in the domain of credit risk modelling. They look to use this through rule-based methods known as expert systems; Capital market inputs - A company’s stock price behavior tells a lot about its state of financial health. They use structural models as well as pattern recognition models to link stock price movement of a company to its likelihood of default. See more

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ASQI Advisors Private Limited



Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

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Swapnil Pawar



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Subu Goparaju


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