Bagrry’s India Limited is an Indian multinational FMCG food-manufacturing company which manufactures the high-fiber breakfast cereals and health foods.

Basic Information

The founder of Bagrry's, Shyam Bagri joined his family business of flour milling at an age of 21 years and set up a flour mill unit in Delhi in 1979 with only the scraps and spares form the group's other flour mills. He expanded this unit and scaled it up an institutional business adding leading customer names such as Britannia, Parle Agro, Modern Foods and Nestle. Today, Bagrry's product includes breakfast cereals such as muesli, oats, corn flakes plus, choco+ and a range of healthy foods such as bran, organic quinoa, chia seed, apple cider vinegar, peanut butter, and makhana. The Bagrry's group with interests in grain milling, FMCG & QSR has a lineage of over 50 years in food processing and is one of India's leading suppliers of cereal-based products such as cereal flours, wheat flours, oats, wheat bran, and other cereal products to leading food brands such as Nestle, KFC, Yum Brands, Mondelez, ITC, and Britannia. See more

Legal Name


Bagrry India Pvt. Ltd.



New Delhi, Delhi, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


501 to 1000

Core Team


Aditya Bagri



Laxmi Narayan Sain

Executive Director


Shyam Bagri

Founder and Chairman