Capbase is a digital governance platform that helps startups with their securities transactions.

Basic Information

Founded on a mission to transform how startups are launched and funded, Capbase helps growing businesses to run their company using standardized, vetted legal agreements and put their equity on solid footing. The features of Capbase's platform include incorporation and company setup tools, employee stock plans, compliance alerts to automatically notify users of regulatory and tax forms filing dates for state and federal officials, and cap table management which allows users to model their cap tables without manually entering data. They offer users tools to find prospective investors and ask for introductions and allows them to manage their relationships with those investors using their investor CRM. Their fundraising portal allows users to sign term sheets and receive wire transfers from investors. For those investors, the Capbase platform allows users to export financial documents and corporate paperwork for investor and acquisition due diligence with a suite of privacy and access controls. See more

Legal Name


Capbase Inc



San Francisco, California, United States

Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Greg Miaskiewicz

Co-Founder and CEO


Stefan Nagey