Classle is a social learning and human capital development organization with an online platform dedicated towards bringing quality education and opportunities to everyone.

Basic Information

Through its advanced technology platform, Classle offers a wide range of courses on diverse subjects created by experts, which can be taken up by learners all over the world. The remote learning experience is made real, interactive, and social by use of discussion forums, live chats, etc. Classle also looks to help users build their profiles by tracking their learning progress, promoting skill development, and allowing them to facilitate and even author courses. This not only builds up their presence and reputation, but it can also help people get jobs. In addition, Classle is suited to work in the still developing parts of the world by allowing users to learn using mobile phones, and even offline by use of Classle’s Android application, Slate. With a network of students, teachers, volunteers, and almost 100+ colleges partnered through their Cloud Campus solution, Classle’s vision and hope is to reach out to every aspiring learner in every corner of the world, with little to no borders of accessibility, and completely democratize quality education. See more

Legal Name


Classle Knowledge Pvt Ltd



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


V Vaidya Nathan

Founder & CEO


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The Chennai Angels