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Here's the wonder of DCIPL to fulfill your financial, consultancy, risk mgt and assurance based needs & requirements.
Basic Information
DC Ikigai provides advisory and consultancy in finance, information technology and management domain. Their vision is to integrate technology and upcoming new ideas and invention with business activities involved in Financial Services, Management Consultancy and Information Technology domain in order to attain the maximum quality, efficiency and effective process. Their mission is to employ "Human Learning" within organisations in order to educate the key stakeholder of the process with the best solution to the proposed problem or matter so that impactful results could be obtained and learning curve objects could be met. Precisely, they integrate research and positive value add procedures and concepts from each and every knowledge domain and implement them within the case or situation faced by client to provide the best possible permanent solution to it.
Legal Name
DC Ikigai Private Limited
Mumbai, Maharashtra , India
Founding Date
No. of Employees
21 to 40
Core Team
Dhaval C
Founder & Managing Director