Find Me Sales provides you with all the tools to map out whole UK industries and contact leads with confidence.

Basic Information

Find Me Sales is a fast growing SaaS company based in London. They provide comprehensive sales software that helps business owners and sales people automate their sales research and outreach using AI. From a single click, our AI finds and reads a companies website to generate relevant sales intelligence. These leads can be put into automation flows and campaigns to generate sales actions to help build relationships and land business. They are part of 5 accelerators including Google Cloud Startups Program, Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator, Barclays Eagle Labs, Innovate UK Edge and Digital Catapult Machine Intelligence Garage. Find Me Sales helps clients find B2B sales using AI automation. They work with customers in a wide range of industries to find the perfect businesses to convert from leads into sales. Find Me Sales is one of the few companies with a real-time Companies House database - meaning our customers are some of the first to access sales intelligence. See more

Legal Name


Find Me Sales Ltd



London, England, United Kingdom

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees



Core Team


Will Crosthwait


Jun | Product Launch
We launched the first version of Find Me Sales
Oct | Accelerator / Incubator Program
Joined Google Cloud Startups Program

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Revenue Streams

Target Market


Our perfect customer is a one-to-many business, typically in services, but also selling physical products

Client Segment


E-Commerce, HealthTech / MedTech / Healthcare, Software, MarTech

Target Companies


Startup, Small Enterprise