FirstLanguage is encouraging everyone to build their first NLP application.

Basic Information

Chennai, Tamil Nadu based FirstLanguage Technologies build state-of-the-art NLP API solutions for various businesses at lowest price in the market. FirstLanguage Technologies was founded in the year 2021 with a mission to spread NLP technology across the world. Their motto is NLP for the masses. They provide API services which are simple to use, easy to integrate and can be understood very easily by anyone. They claim their Natural Language Processing(NLP) APIs provide best in class accuracy at an affordable rate and cover all aspects of NLP under a single roof. Their Offerings: NLP Basics - NLP tasks like POS tagging, NER, Lemmatization, Stemming etc; QA - Powerful Question Answering API; Translation - Translate from English to 100+ languages and vice versa; Text Classification - Text Classification on multiple domains and 100+ languages. Perform effective Sentiment Analysis; Summarization - Summarize a long document to effectively describe it; Create your own - They provide the building blocks to create your own apps effectively like chatbots, sentiment analysis etc. See more

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FirstLanguage Technologies Private Limited



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Subalalitha C.N