Frizzle Weather is a hyperlocal weather intelligence company that helps SMBs leverage weather insights to make better mission-critical decisions, resulting in better margins, improved operational efficiency, and higher customer satisfaction. See more

Basic Information

Frizzle currently provides weather services using a combination of hardware and software. Their novel backend algorithm, known as the Hyperlocal Weather Engine, is trained on years worth of historical data. It also has an additional feedback loop from the smart sensors and churns out weather insights that are 6X better than existing solutions. They offer 2 kinds of services - purely software-based and a combination of software and hardware. Frizzle's software service allows anybody to simply enter their location and the timestamp to be served with data that is not only hyperlocal but also actionable. The hardware+software service Frizzle offers follows a similar structure but with the purchase of the smart sensor for their property, clients can not only view and download real-time data but also have access to more accurate weather insights. See more

Legal Name


Kurtle Technologies Private Limited

Business Model



Founding Date


11th Jul 2020

No. of Employees



Core Team


Anantha Krishna A

Co-founder & CEO


Rishith Bhowmick

Co-founder & CTO


Vanya Arikutharam

Co-Founder & CIO

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