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Fundfina is a financial marketplace that is committed to making financing more affordable, accessible and appropriate.
Basic Information
Fundfina partners with financial institutions to serve more than 150,000 MSMEs across India, who otherwise have difficulty accessing credit due to a lack of credit history, a need for small dollar loans deemed unprofitable by larger institutions, and a slow and complex lending process. Fundfina supports these merchants by curating appropriate financial products on its platform, enabling thin-file credit assessments through proprietary indices, and offering cash flow management tools. Their core mission is to build a financial market place that is initially focussed on making credit more accessible and affordable; and, investing more rewarding. Fundfina wants to keep that platform open to offer best in breed products, while focusing on customer experiences and being efficient. Apart from customers directly applying for a loan on the platform, they are a trusted lending partners for a number of enterprises. Fundfina charges a fee for risk intermediation and exchange.
Legal Name
Fundfina Technologies Private Limited
Mumbai, Maharashtra , India
Founding Date
No. of Employees
41 to 60
Core Team
Rahul Tripathy
Nishant Bhaskar
Co-founder and Director