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Peena hi padega A brand that serves chai with love, smile and care.
Basic Information
Priyanka started a small tea stall in April 2022 outside Patna Women’s College in Patna, Bihar. In just four months, she has opened another tea stall in the city, selling around 400 cups of tea every day, and has made approx Rs 1.5 lakh profit. Priyanka was short of money, but she managed to get some from her parents with which she was able to sustain herself in the city. She also joined a coaching center as a counsellor to earn some money, but she was not paid. She finally decided to borrow Rs 30,000 from her friend and kickstarted the business. With Rs 30,000 in hand, Priyanka bought a small cart, utensils, and ingredients to make tea and started her entrepreneurial journey outside Patna Women’s College. She named her cart ‘Graduate Chaiwali’.
Patna, Bihar, India
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Priyanka Gupta
Founder and CEO