Impec Technologies is an engineering and consultancy company that focusses on process and environment improvement technologies.

Basic Information

Impec Technologies is into developing process and environment improvement technologies, loop reactor, pressure filter, waste water treatment, pilot plants, engineering and consultancy services. They manufacture Loop Reactors which help in enhanced mass transfer in the jet loop reactor. This results in better conversion and selectivity in case of gas liquid reactions like chlorination and oxidation as compare to conventional stirred tank reactor. They also manufacture Candle Filter which is a thin cake, pressure filtration of chemical slurry (less than 10 % conc) with auto sequential operation of filtration, washing, drying and cake dislodging in completely close condition not only allows consistent quality, reproduce batches but also minimizes operator interface. See more

Legal Name


Impec Technologies (opc) Private Limited



Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Core Team


Paresh Sutar