India Lost and Found is the story of the untold monuments and sites of India which over time are likely to change, deteriorate and perhaps be lost forever.

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India Lost and Found is the effort to photogenic documentation, in a country teeming with heritage, to preserve and to share the essence of its civilizational history. Through a network of thought leaders,‘Experts’, posting across social media platforms, it is creating conversation in this very subject. It presents their viewpoints to the audience here. The platform is conducting a series of workshops with schools, in addition, sensitizing children to the urgent needs of the heritage. It hopes to mobilize the youth so there is more interest in its lesser known monuments and it hopes that this leads to more debate on the subjects of history, on the place of heritage in our lives, on practices in conservation and eventually to more visits at these sites. See more

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India Lost & Found by Amit Pasricha



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