Key Education Foundation works with children from low-income communities to ensure that they get the best early childhood education.

Basic Information

Key Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working to ensure quality early childhood education for all children. Their School Readiness Program aims to create conducive learning environments at school and at home by creating empowered parents, equipped teachers and enriched classrooms to ensure holistic development of each child. They provide schools with comprehensive early childhood kit comprising fun, safe durable learning materials and age appropriate student workbooks. They also have a yearlong teacher training and program support model to ensure developmentally appropriate practices in classroom. They work with parents to build awareness on helping children better in their home environment through targeted workshops and home activity sheets. See more

Legal Name


Key Education Foundation



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Core Team


Swetha Guhan

Co-Founder & Director


Guhan Subramaniam

Co-Founder & Director


Mangal Pandey

Co-Founder & CEO