Pune based Khetigaadi is an agri-tech startup that serves as a full-service agri-commerce marketplace.

Basic Information

Khetigaadi was founded in 2016 by Pravin Shinde. The Pune-based agritech startup has built a one-stop agri-ecommerce marketplace that connects farmers, tractor manufacturers, contractors, dealers, brokers, service stations, and agricultural experts. KhetiGaadi also serves as a platform that matches farmers with agri-lenders and farm insurance providers. Its mobile app, available in 10 regional languages, has recorded 3.5 lakh installs across platforms. It also has a KhetiGuru app through which farmers can stay abreast of tractor-related news, learn of land preparation and crop protection methods, and get updates on weather changes that can impact the harvest season, and so on. See more



Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Core Team


Pravin Shinde



Vishnu Dhas

Co-Founder & COO