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MetaVolf is one of its kind futuristic virtual constructions company in the metaverse.
Basic Information
MetaVolf cater to all your needs regarding virtual constructions in the metaverse. As a customer, the task is up to you to dream and imagine the most creative and beautiful things and their expert team of archtiectural, interior, 3d designers and coders will convert your dreams into reality by integrating your desired property in the most professional and artistic way possible.
Legal Name
MetaVolf Pvt.Ltd
Mumbai, Maharashtra , India
Business Model
B2C,  B2B  
Founding Date
No. of Employees
21 to 40
Core Team
Aryan Tamhane
Harsh Chaudhari


Company Incorporation

Apr | Company Incorporation

It was pretty simple incorporating the company, gave me and Harsh a lot of confidence but we knew we had a lot of work to do and were still trying to figure out how to do all of it. I'd say we had found our way but didnt know what to do with it.

Advisor Onboarded

May | Advisor Onboarded

We met our mentor and advisor Mr. Kunal Dasgupta in a very strange google meet where both parties didn't know where this was going. 2 weeks after the meet we set up an offline meet and found a shared passion for the metaverse and took it further.

Product Launch

Jul | Product Launch

Product testing was completed and our team was set up, we were now officially open for taking orders. We were definitely excited but we didnt know the workload that was coming up ahead haha. Summarised, it was a damn good start.

Target Market
We target businesses that have a product or service presentable, advertisable in the metaverse. We consult with them on their desired property in the metaverse and our talented designers help make what they envision into reality, well virtual reality
Client Segment
Entertainment,  Events,  FinTech,  Gaming  
Target Companies
Medium Enterprise,  Large Enterprise  
Target Geography
We are targeting everyone who has bought land in the metaverse while simultaneously educating more and more people about the metaverse and helping them buy land and then build the desired property on it.
User Age
26 to 34,  46 to 60  
User Income
Upper-middle Income,  High Income