Nangalbibra-Bongaigaon Transmission
Nangalbibra-Bongaigaon is an inter-state transmission project from PFC Consulting.

Basic Information

The Nangalbibra-Bongaigaon project involves setting up of around 300 ckt km (Circuit km) of transmission lines network and greenfield substation with 320 MVA transformation capacity across North-Eastern terrain of Assam and Meghalaya. The project will transmit over 1,000 MW of power from Assam to western parts of Meghalaya. The project includes 250 ckt km of 400kV D/c transmission line connecting Bongaigaon in Assam to a greenfield substation at Nangalbibra in Meghalaya, across the river Brahmaputra. Apart from bringing the additional power flow, the project will also help in decongesting the downstream networks in the region, thereby improving the quality and reliability of power flow in North-East India. See more