Perceived Design aims to bridge the physical and digital divide. We enable brands to better engage with their customer with our device-agnostic Interactive & Immersive Technology Solutions. See more

Basic Information

Perceiv Education is a plug-and-play platform that enables educators and institutions to upgrade their online and offline classrooms into a 3D interactive class using deep technology such as AR, VR and 3D interaction. It is an easy-to-use DIY platform where an educator can login to the platform and access 500+ 3D models and 3D simulation for biology, physics, chemistry and maths. The platform helps explain concepts like never before using in-built Interaction tools where one can write, highlight elements and dissect them and much more. Their solutions can be configured for classrooms, labs and media centers. Perceived Design builds products and services to transform brands digitally. See more

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Perceived Design (opc) Private Limited



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Uttam Kumar Pandey