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PoetrySoup is a huge international community of over 30,000+ poets. PoetrySoup also houses over 500,000+ poems written by a wide variety of amateur, professional, and famous poets. It is known for its loyal, strong, welcoming, and growing community of poets (called Soupers). It is also known for featuring published and unpublished poets weekly. PoetrySoup welcomes content from external sources like public and private educational institutions, teachers, writing organizations, publishers, and similar resources. Any collaboration that PoetrySoup deems will benefit members is welcomed. While PoetrySoup's database of famous poets is relatively small, it does feature famous poets including Maya Angelou, Ben Jonson, William Blake, Walt Whitman, Shel Silverstein, Emily Dickinson, Lewis Carroll, Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and more. See more

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