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PSK system is thoughtfully curated using design and technology, to support different stages of early childhood development.
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We're India’s 1st Astro-Space themed, Screen-Free, Early Childhood Experiential Learning platform. Conceptualized to Stimulate Brain Development of Kids aged between 1 Month and 3 years; specially designed for Parents & Families who are searching for the Right & Purposeful approaches to 'Make their Kid School & Future Ready' with 21st Century Skills, Confidence and Resilience. The platform provide Parents with a Learning Center app to learn Super Techniques to : 1).Kindly the love for Learning in their Kid. 2). Help their Kid Develop All-Round Future Skills. 3) Help their Kid Unlock their Inherent Genius Abilities without any kind of Screen Time or Pressure. 4). Help their Kid develop a stronger relationship with their Kid without compromising on their busy schedule.
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Prodigy Super Kids
New Delhi, Delhi, India
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B2C,  B2B  
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Arjun Seth
Founder and Chief Baby Officer (CBO)
Jaanvi N Seth
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