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Pytriot Solutions LLP
Noida based Pytriot Solutions LLP imparts knowledge, skills and provide consultancy to various organisations and enables them to be IoT-ready while also aiding them in embracing IoT and improve their productivity.
Basic Information
Pytriot Solutions LLP designs deploy and deliver training on emerging technologies to enable organisations in embracing change effectively. The company designs networks, data centres, LANs, wireless LANs to get the best from their clients’ network. They provide a differentiator in their service by increasing the speed, agility and accuracy of services by designing bots (RPA), creating a positive impact on the bottom-line. Moreover, they create content and deliver training with topic ranging from Software Defined Networking, SD-WAN, IoT, and Blockchain to Go-Lang to ensure that organisations can leverage the potential of these technologies in their environment and provide better services to their customers
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Business Model
Founding Date
Apr 2017
Core Team
Rameshwar Nigam


Company Incorporation

Apr | Company Incorporation

Pytriot Solutions LLP started its operations to bridge the gap of imagination and training delivery by using technology.


Started Generating Revenue

May | Started Generating Revenue

The first revenue came from IAM security training conducted in Bengaluru.

Key Leadership Hire

Oct | Key Leadership Hire

Mr Rajkamal was hired as the Head Sales and New Initiatives


Stepped into New Market

Sep | Stepped into New Market

First RPA solution delivered to an automobile giant

Key Customer Milestone

Dec | Key Customer Milestone

First transaction of foreign currency hitting the bank

Target Market
Fortune 500 clients who want to upskill themselves continuously
Client Segment
Machine Learning,  Enterprise Tech,  Blockchain,  IaaS  
Target Companies
Large Enterprise,  Medium Enterprise  
Target Geography