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Quantower is a modern and powerful trading platform for FX, stocks, crypto and futures markets.
Basic Information
Quantower is a project, created by the team of fintech developers. It proposes high-functional online trading application for retail traders as well as solutions for businesses. You can get access to real-time, delayed and historical market data from various exchanges through broker feeds and market data vendors. Broad coverage of exchange and broker connections allows you to send trade orders across multiple asset classes. You can Trade Forex, Futures, Stocks, and Options via a single platform. Quantower platform provides synchro connection to different brokers and data providers. You can compare trading data from multiple sources and Combine received data in synthetic symbols.
Legal Name
Quantower Technologies Private Limited
Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovska, Ukraine
Business Model
Founding Date
No. of Employees
21 to 40
Core Team
Alex Bogdan
Co-Founder and CEO
Sergey Makuschenko
Head of Marketing & Design / Co-founder