StoreSe is a Best Price Online Grocery Store.

Basic Information

Bengaluru, Karnataka based StoreSe is a group buying platform that helps you to order groceries for your apartment. They are helping people to stay safe by staying at home as they deliver groceries and fresh fruits and vegetables straight to the apartment. Their parent company – Perpule – is providing a secure, scalable, omni-channel and fully Customizable enterprise E-Commerce platform. Perpule gives the control of offline commerce in the hands of customers by enabling self-checkouts and self-ordering solutions for offline stores, outlets, malls & cafeterias. This improves the shopping experience of customers and solves the problem of queues at checkout counters. Customers use Perpule app to discover products, scan barcodes, get all the offer and pricing information for the products and can also checkout and pay in the app itself. Their Customers: Matahari, Starbucks, OYO,, Big Bazaar, SPAR Hypermarket, Vishal Mega Amrt, Lanfmark Group, Udaan, Himalaya, Wakefit, Zappfresh, Hasbro Clothing, Green Cure among many others. See more

Legal Name


Delvit Solutions Pvt Ltd



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


151 to 250

Core Team


Saketh BSV



Yogesh Ghaturle

Co-Founder & Senior VP


Abhinav Pathak

Co-Founder & CEO