Tattvan is connecting specialists in big cities to patients in small towns via their network of telemedicine clinics.

Basic Information

Tattvan E-Clinic brings doctors and specialists from reputed hospitals in big cities to the smaller regions, catering to their various medical requirements. The e-clinics have a team of full-time doctors and nurses available to ensure quality consultations through video conferencing and telemedicine facility. The centres also host doctors of global repute to conduct one-on-one follow up of OPDs for better diagnosis and treatment. The team collaborates with doctors and medical specialists from reputed hospitals at metros, and provides consultation to patients located in Tier II and Tier III cities by leveraging telemedicine and advanced technology. The patient saves both time and money for a simple doctor consultation through Tattvan. The patient will need to visit a hospital only for the surgery, and for all other occasions, they can do a consultation from their city. Because of this, the patient saves up to 15 percent on their total treatment cost. See more

Legal Name


Growman Research and Consulting Pvt Ltd



Pune, Maharashtra, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


41 to 60

Core Team


Ayush (Atul) Mishra

Founder & CEO


Anant Goyal

General Manager