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Kochi, Kerala based and Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Technisanct is a big data cybersecurity with their intentions to fight the issues of cyber threats, spreading of misinformation, privacy and data breaches negative campaigns using big-data and artificial intelligence. Their team is constantly innovating its flagship tool – Integrite - to identify threats. They use both manual as well as automation in identifying the latest digital risks that could occur to a brand. Once, they assess the depth of the breach, they inform the brands before going into any kind of public disclosure. They ensure and always try to prevent any kind of reputation damage to a brand. But as responsible organization, they believe they are bound to provide information and data to public as individual privacy is a must and, in some cases, where brand do not make any necessary steps to protect that they force to do public disclosure. Integrite is their powerful breach detection engine which is integrated to their automated crawlers and other data funnels all over the world. On detection of a data dump, integrite will automatically analyze and categorize the breach data and calculate the risk it poses to an organisation. Integrite comes with a robust dashboard which offers a simple and user-friendly interface because they believe and specialize in presenting data in the simplest human readable format, that is extracted from complicated big data. Major features of integrite are monitoring credential leaks, customer data, payment transaction data which are all structured automatically and presented as downloadable reports to the client. This actionable intel is the ultimate deliverable of integrite. These actionable inputs provided by Integrite enable clients to take corrective measures as soon as a breach is detected before other parties are aware of such incidents, thus mitigating its impact on reputation and also reduce financial loss. See more



Kochi, Kerala, India

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Nandakishore Harikumar

Co-Founder & CEO


Rakesh Aikkara

Co-Founder & COO


Dinson David Kurian

Co-Founder & CTO