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TesMUS provides high-quality white-labelled teaching content to institutes and educators.
Basic Information
Founded by Atul Dubey and Sourabh Joneja, Lucknow based TesMUS is a B2B edtech startup caters to the need of educational institutions and individual educators for high quality, white-labelled teaching content. TesMUS generates its revenue through four streams. As a publisher on various open market platforms, it ties up with clients. The average ticket size for this is Rs 50 per transaction. Secondly, the sales team generates and converts leads. The average ticket size from this is Rs 3,000 per month. TechMUS also sells its tech to institutes and educators who wish to go digital. The average transaction for this service is Rs 10,000. Finally, TesMUS gets into content partnerships with edtech YouTube channels and the price varies from deal to deal. TesMUS serves more than 3,200 online and 300 offline customers. Some of TesMUS’ clients are BSC Academy, Career Planner, ClassPlus, JB Classes, and Chandra IAS, among others.
Legal Name
Tesmus Eduserve Private Limited
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Founding Date
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Core Team
Atul Dubey
Co-Founder & CEO
Sourabh Joneja