TNW - The Natural Wash presents the skin care products in the modern envelope.

Basic Information

New Delhi based TNW - The Natural Wash is offering the skin care products in the modern envelope. They are a pioneering skincare producer known for their natural products, which are formulated with the ingredients taken directly from Mother Nature. Banking on Ayurvedic modality, TNW resolves to create a buzz — ‘Natural Healer’, which is its functional directive. Concurring with the naturalist spirit, our products are completely natural, organic, chemical-free and pragmatically cost-effective. They intend to make it affordable for everyone. Their products have been predominantly formulated for skincare — to heal the problems of pigmentation, acne, and tanning. With their inclusive combination of products considering the doctrine of Ayurveda, which enunciates that healthy skin is a cumulative result of proper internal and external nutrition, they have infused every ingredient, like anti-oxidants, vitamins and natural oils etc., into it. Their products speak volumes of its quality. Moreover, they are committed to keeping it up adding gradual impetus to it. They have a range of products such as Anti-Acne, Anti-Tanning, Anti-Ageing and the healer for all Skin-related problems. With their authentic and naturalist products, they are heading towards turning out a one-stop solution for these problems. See more

Legal Name


TNW International Pvt. Ltd.



New Delhi, Delhi, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Akshit Goel

Co-Founder & MD


Shivangi Goel

Co-Founder & CEO