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Viper Network is an RPC relay protocol for Web3 that serves node-as-a-service platforms and incentivizes them in return for sending traffic to its network.
Basic Information
Viper Network is that it allows the web3 community to achieve decentralisation at a faster pace through node-as-a-service platforms and it allows these platforms to reach a larger customer base by supporting multiple blockchains and allowing them to focus more on tools built around rather than maintaining their own nodes, which can help to promote decentralization within the Web3 ecosystem. By providing these platforms with a way to expand their reach and generate revenue.
Legal Name
Viper network
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Business Model
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Core Team
Vishruth s kavatharpu
Revenue Stream
Target Market
Viper Network aims to decentralize the infrastructure of Web3 and promote decentralization within the ecosystem through its node-as-a-service platform incentivization model.
Client Segment
Blockchain,  SaaS,  Technology  
Target Companies
Startup,  Small Enterprise,  Medium Enterprise,  Large Enterprise  
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