Vivasaan is an Aviation and Aerospace company Learning from the Nature and is Learning for the Nature.

Basic Information

Chennai, Tamil Nadu based Vivasaan is an Aerospace start up which was started in collaboration by students, techies and engineers. They are exploring Aerial robotics with their new techniques and technology. They are looking to save the future lies here. Aerial robots which are specially designed to fulfil the needs. They are trying to fuse the ancient methods with futuristic technology to get the best out of it. They are never afraid of new a technology. They had been proving to be remarkably adaptable to innovation, new techniques and scientific exploration. Vivasaan has been bold in embracing risk and converting it to an opportunity. Vivasaan consists of enthusiastic and hugely talented individuals is now venturing into this field who are looking to the future with the faith in technology and indomitable spirit of the Indians. See more

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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Paridhi Raj

Founder & CEO