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Whizz Europa is a platform for passionate people.
Basic Information
Whizz Europa found that Education System which is being followed did not undergo any changes or updates since 1800’s. The education system which was formed during the industrial age was formed to make sure that people can take instructions and execute it well. But in the present world, the current generation is so creative and enthusiastic so they are looking forward to that reboot of the system. Whizz Europa takes up this responsibility. When there is an issue, there will be a solution. And if the solution is being given by a group of people with passionate minds, there arises a successful business model. Whizz Europa is a platform for passionate people. In it’s journey it realized that people are not at all happy as they are doing what they don’t love. So Whizz Europa decided to be a Research & Development center which is researching only on the concept Passion. We deal with every age groups.
Legal Name
Whizz Europa Private Limited
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Business Model
Founding Date
No. of Employees
21 to 40
Core Team
Abhishek Sasidharan
Founder and CEO
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