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WoodFeather are the makers of the finest Handcrafted Wooden Airplane Propellers for decor.
Basic Information
WoodFeather was founded in 2016 with the dream of every home having a propeller, which has a story to tell. What makes WoodFeather propellers special is that each design has an inspiration, which translates into the underlying design theory for the piece. WoodFeather’s collections are sought after by aviation enthusiasts and luxury homeowners alike. The brand’s clientele not just includes pilots and aviation geeks but also several celebrities and industrialists that have chosen to embellish their walls with these exquisite pieces of aviation art. With a unique character, superlative design and high finish, WoodFeather has won several prestigious awards including India’s Top Product Designer and Decor Brands and today is the only brand in the world making designer and custom wooden propellers for décor.
Legal Name
Mumbai, Maharashtra , India
Business Model
Founding Date
1st Jan 2016
No. of Employees
11 to 20
Core Team
Akshay Sharma
Revenue Stream