Zealth-AI is Moving reactive healthcare to proactive through their digital health intervention solutions.

Basic Information

Headquartered in Singapore, Zealth’s mission is to move reactive healthcare to a proactive domain. They are providing End to End Remote monitoring for cancer patients and are solving the problems through its intelligent digital software that provides continuous remote care to patients at home. Their Services: For Patients - Manage your symptoms while at home and get real time alerts when to contact your doctor; For Doctors - Save time and get actionable insights personalized for each patient; For Insurers - Reduce claims with proactive timely interventions and For Clinical Trials - Real world evidence for faster and cost effective clinical trial. Their Partnerships: Y Combinator, ANTLER, Yahoo Finance, She Loves Tech, Kr Asia, Kainos and PGIMS, Rohtak. See more

Legal Name


ZealthLife technologies Pte. Ltd



Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

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Core Team


Dheeraj Mundhra

Co-Founder & CTO


Monika Mehta

Co-Founder & CEO


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