How life takes a turn and makes to a humble person...

Never knew I would end up teaching Yoga and French, read to know more..

How life takes a turn and makes to a humble person...

Monday August 21, 2017,

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I'm Susan from Alaska. I live with my brother.

I was born to a very happy family in Alaska. I have had the best childhood ever. My dad and mom both were pilots, and I used to get to travel to a different country almost every month. Since childhood, I was very fond of traveling, visiting new places, meeting new people, and learning different cultures.

The  chubby me with my mom and dad

The  chubby me with my mom and dad

The best about my life was that 4 of us (Mom, Dad, my brother and me were together), we use to travel together and love life to the fullest. I never knew this was not gonna last for so long. I was in 8th grade when my parents passed away in a flight crash. It was something I couldn't digest when I got a call from the airport authorities that such things have happened. I was not believing at the first, but then my brother explained to me that it had really happened. I was devastated, my life was in ruins and I felt like dying. After all this time, I never thought, I'll have to face this in my life, not this!

It was only me and my brother, my relatives of course. We stayed at my grandmother's place for a year. I didn't go to school, hardly eat and talk with anyone. I used to get nightmares about the incident and wasn't able to even sleep properly. First few months were terrible. I started moving on a little with my life after one year. I started going to school but hardly spoke with anyone.

I completed my schooling, but with not that great results. I was still depressed in life and could not get over the incident. I wanted a change and wanted to go somewhere far where no one knew me. That's when I decided I will travel the world with no hope of returning. I talked with my brother about this, he was but hesitant in the beginning, but eventually supported me. He understood what I was going through and wanted to see me happy.

This is where I took a major decision and took the leap. I left for INDIA. I knew that this is the place in the world which would give me that mental peace. ( My mom and dad used to love this place, I had been there twice before).

My journey - I landed in Delhi, stayed in hostels, explored places made new friends. I then traveled to Goa and Kerala. I made many friends over there. One of my friends, she was from Mexico. She wanted to become a yoga teacher and wanted to do a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course.

I always wanted to try doing Yoga, since I knew it gives you mental stability and peace of mind, I was up for it. I registered for the Yoga teacher training in Dharamsala at Mahi Yoga. This was one of the turning points of my life -

1) I got over the depression problem

2) I met the love of my life

This is when I realized the power of yoga to change a life, the yoga course gave me a direction in life. I had a much better control over my life and my mind. I knew what decisions to make and what not to! I was much happier than ever before. I met Bran. Bran was the best thing happened to me, he also helped me to get over my anxiety and depression issue. He has been with me and we are still together. It has been 7 years since we got married.

Right now, I work as a Teacher in G. I teach yoga and French to students at Yoga Mystica School. The reason I teach is cause I have I have seen the struggle, I have faced the depression and anxiety issue. Hence, I wish to educate and help the needy in return of the beautiful life The great God gave me. I had always been very choosy about things in life, but when life hits you, you understand what things really matter. The things really matters is love. Spread love, and you will be happy forever. :)

The main thing I wanted to convey from this story was 3 things-

1. No matter how difficult life gets, do not give up, you will always find a way.

2. If you die (I thought of suicide), it's the end, but if you live, there is a possibility that you will thrive.

3. Give back what you got from society. I am also a motivational speaker, I share my journey with my students and educate them.

When I became Yoga Teacher. Bran is the darling standing in the middle!

When I became Yoga Teacher. Bran is the darling standing in the middle!