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    "Making Special Occasions Surprising Is Our Moto " - BYE Surprises(www.byesurprises.com)

    By Sandeep Gupta
    August 06, 2016, Updated on : Thu Sep 05 2019 07:12:26 GMT+0000
    "Making Special Occasions Surprising  Is Our Moto " - BYE Surprises(www.byesurprises.com)
    Do you want to know about someone who fills with joy by bringing pleasant surprises to people's lives? and feels motivated after seeing happiness on someone's face. We are going to share a Start Up story which works on the same concept. As the means of our bread and butter are forcing us to stay far from our loved ones and it is becoming hard to be part of each other's specials days be it Birthdays, Anniversaries or any other occasion. A person from one corner of the world thought of bridging those gaps between family members, spouses, siblings, parent-child and friends and started this venture called “BYE-Surprises".
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    WHAT WE DO :

    Welcome to the world of surprises!!!

    Surprises are one of those little joys of life which makes our life happy and joyful. Surprising loved one’s once in a while keeps the magic alive in a relationship. This is what they believed in and started 'BYE - Surprises'. "Surprising people on their special occasions is what we do.

    "It all started when one of my friends from abroad approached me to surprise his fiancée on her birthday. I did this for my friend and after seeing the happiness on their faces, I realised how lucky I was to be the reason for someone's smile. It forced me to think about the people who are staying away from their families and friends. What if they wanted to celebrate their spouse/friend's birthdays? Or if someone staying away from their parents wants to be part of their Anniversary?

    How about lovers? What if they wanted to surprise them on their proposal day? ?

    That is when ‘BYE Surprises’ was born. We thought of creating a platform where we can connect all the people who stay away from their loved ones and want to be part of their life on every special occasion” says Team BYE-Surprises.



    We believe that everyone should have opportunity “To Surprise & get surprised” and started planning on how we can make this happen. There is a huge population which stays either in different state or country from their native place and these people hardly spend time together on special occasions. We decided to bridge this gap and make every occasion surprising and happening for all these peoples. Especially if we consider rural areas, we find that almost 90% of the population stays away and this platform can be a lot of help and source of happiness for them.

    Customers always come with the expectation that we will be planning something unique to celebrate the occasions with their loved ones and till now we have not disappointed any of them. Our team works with very creative and innovative ideas and delivers 'Beyond Customer's Expectations’.

    "It's very simple, we have taken optimum use of technology such as WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Our customers contact us through our website www.byesurprises.com and our facebook page www.facebook.com/BYEsurprises. We talk to them and understand their requirement, suggest suitable surprise plans and after getting go ahead from them we plan things accordingly and stay in touch with them through whatsapp and other messaging services until event day" says Team BYE.

    Regular customers ping us on whatsapp/call and provide us the occasion details and their budget and we help them chose best plans and then execute it on the D-Day.

    Personalised or Customised Gifts:

    "Now a days people like us to do something out of the league, something innovative, exciting and that is what we excel in. Our team works continuously to figure out different celebration ideas and keeps on experimenting to get the best out of all the available resources. Our strength is that we thrive for customer satisfaction and try to deliver 'beyond their expectations'. As they say "In life don't settle for someone who buys you a coffee, Go for someone who makes it for you", we brought up an idea of customized gifts, cakes, scrapbooks etc." says Team BYE.

    Growth and Expansion :

    They started from Hyderabad around 9 month back, first event being for one of the close friends of them. As of today, they have done 80+ events in a span of 9 months in cities including Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. They are based out of Hyderabad and expanding to other locations in India aggressively.

    They also design and make handmade customized gifts for their customers based on the occasions and their interest. They are getting a good response from all of their valued customers and also are planning to add more gifting ideas and give them a wide range of options.

    They are planning to venture into small towns/villages across all India. They are already getting good responses from outskirts of Hyderabad and Bangalore.

    NRI Services :

    Team BYE is actively focusing on providing services to NRI’s. They celebrate birthdays, Anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Friendship Days on behalf of the people staying out of India.

    What our Customers Say About Us :

    "Our experience with beyond your expectations surprises was one of the best experiences. The team were extremely friendly and helpful in choosing from the customized gifts & ideas. It was way more than our expectation and they have best surprises. I would definitely recommend this site to all my friends especially those who want to experience something different & innovative." says Phani Damera, one of BYE customers.

    "It's an amazing idea to surprise your loved ones. They are very quick and creative..Way to go guys..!" says Priyanka Awasthi, another BYE customer.

    You can follow BYE-Surprises on

    Facebook - www.facebook.com/BYESurprises


    By the way, BYE stands for “Beyond Your Expectations” and this is what we thrive to deliver.

    Suggestions and feedbacks are welcomed :) 

    You can write to us on [email protected]