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How to write a business school personal statement 

Business School provides students with a favorable platform to network with corporate titans for potential employment opportunities. 

A personal statement reflects the institution's goals and target audience clearly. Personal statements ensure there's harmony among staff because they understand the school's mission. Where personal statements lack, institutions waste significant time and resources trying to please the wrong audience. It is also hard to define your business' goals without thoroughly thinking about a precise personal statement.

Here are four tips to enable you formulate an amazing personal statement for your business school.

1. Write your business school's goals

What do you hope to attain after 5 or 10 years? By clearly envisioning your desired achievements, you'll be able to write a list of all your goals. Your goals shouldn't just be about doubling your profits. Goals are the desired effect you intend to make in your community, nation or continent.

2. Who is your target audience?

Which qualities do your intended students enrolled in your business school to possess? Identifying your target audience will guide you on the correct needs to identify. Hence, you will be in a better position to provide relevant solutions that are effective.

3. Use simple language

When crafting a personal statement, it is necessary to put yourself in the audience's shoes. Your statement should therefore contain simple vocabulary that's easy to understand. Statements containing complex words may lead to misunderstanding. Microsoft Word’s Thesaurus feature will help you find suitable synonyms that you can use in your personal statement.

4. Summarize in one sentence

Most institutions and companies display their personal statements on their brand merchandise, using just one single statement. By using this format, your audience will get to know and remember your mission at a glance.

The Don’ts when writing a personal statement

1. Never copy-paste

You might be tempted to steal more than a couple of phrases from your competitors. After all, you’re in the same industry, right? Well, this is where you might go wrong because every institution exists to serve a different purpose. You will also lose your brand’s unique identity that will enable you draw your target audience.

2. Excessive use of flowery language

In an effort to appear highly competent, people will use excessive flowery language. This is a huge mistake because the statement ends up being ambiguous. Use simple words that are within your audience’s vocabulary grasp to effectively communicate your brand’s agenda.

Final thoughts

Business personal statements will enable your staff to strategize and implement policies more harmoniously. This is because everyone will be working to achieve a common goal. When you list your goals for the institution, you will be able to clearly identify your desires and plan your short and long term goals using the right mindset.

Your target audience will also be in a better position to connect with you because your business personal statement captures their desired solutions to their needs using a precise and simple statement.

Are you struggling with crafting your business personal statement? Learn more by visiting the best experts right here.

Business School Personal Statement 
Business School Personal Statement 
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