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Top 10 Trusted Mobile App Development Companies In Japan & Hong Kong

As Smartphone users have grown tremendously, businesses of every category which provides most importance to mobile app development for client engagement. But, most of the businesses are suffering difficult to develop a quality app at an affordable cost in Australia. So, they are looking trusted mobile application development companies who can produce equally quality application at an affordable cost.

It is very difficult to find top mobile app development companies in Japan and Hongkong. As we know that to find the best company amongst millions is always a difficult task. When we have millions of companies online working on the different service, it is clear that we get unclear.

I did a deep Google search and it gave me a list then I did figure out this list, Spoke to numerous seniors of the companies, went many steps greatly by receiving customer feedbacks that helped me to develop this list.

The List Of Top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies In Japan & Hong Kong

Hyperlink Infosystem

Hyperlink Infosystem has developed mobile applications for a change of market industries covering finance applications, medical health, Entertainment apps, fitness apps, Retail Apps & much more. They also have an expert mobile app development team, that is working on the cutting edge technologies and tools. Since 2011, They help clients to deliver real results by concentrating on the methodologies they follow for the development & designing of the software.

They have an excellent & an innovative mobile app development team, which gives a brand image to the client's concerns.

LANEX Corporation

The best mobile app development company based in Japan with 22 years of experience in producing best app services for medium to large size Japanese enterprises covering the government sector. They have a broad range of expertise with a heavy weight on the development industry. With their headquarters in Sendai & other branches in Tokyo, California, and Cebu, they operate their business in a hybrid model to give on-shore management & support during holding the advantages of offshore development.

SillyCube Technology Ltd.

They think that this company can be similar or even greater than other tech companies in the Silicon Valley. Since 2009, they have been giving best mobile applications development service, web development & other mobile solutions for operation, education, and marketing. They are hard-working along the way. They build the best internet apps with the great technology.

The proven successful experiences on marketing & publishing clearly help improve ROI of customer purchases.

CWV Studios

CWV Studios is a full-scale development company head quarter in the heart of a tech hub in Hong Kong. What is great about them is that CWV team has a vast experience in mobile app development, web & Server-side technologies and they works with unique start-ups and built businesses as their technology performance partner.

They support and encourage new businesses that match their interests and that they think are good showcase examples of excellent technology utilization.


Okoone is a leading provider of world-class mobile, web & cloud solutions. Okoone allows managed development platforms for mobile & web applications, cloud back ends, cloud infrastructure & enterprise solutions. Furthermore, Okoone gives tailored mobile & web marketing services. Okoone was founded by mobile & web industry experts with the mission to deliver world-class solutions by using best-in-class technologies & product development methodologies at a competing price without any agreement on the quality.

Share Media Limited

Share media is a full-service company specialized in mobile & web development based in Hong Kong. They have a vision of developing the most innovative & disruptive world-class applications. They are a team of unique UI/UX designers, mobile & web app developers with over 10-year experience holding the agile app development.

Their elites team of developers & technology revivalists have delivered projects & marketing operations which produce high ROI.


Cream-Touch is a digital product studio that makes usable web/mobile applications with great experiences, by a strong, analytical and iterative process. From idea to launch, the team assures good quality of the deliverables and clarity of the progress.

Most of the skilled programmers do programming not only because they demand to get paid or get praise by the public, but because it is a joy to program. They love coding and they code beautifully.

Adinnovation Inc.

Adinnovation Inc. believes that a Japan technology company can be similar or even better than tech companies in the Silicon Valley. They have been providing mobile applications development service, web development service & mobile solutions for operation, education, and marketing. They are hard-working & humble along the way. They strive to develop the best internet apps with the great technology.

The proven successful experiences on marketing & publishing clearly help improve ROI of customer purchases.

App Annie

App Annie specializes in enterprise app development in Hong Kong. They consult with clients in many other countries. They are continually exploring unique mobile solutions to the difficulties people face every day. They know their clients. They developed an app for big brands that made it simple for thousands of people various countries to find jobs.

They designed the first app for Open Rice that beat download charts for weeks.

Rossitek Software Solution Pvt Ltd.

Rossitek is a mobile application development company, their primary focus is giving professional, cost-effective roadmap & solutions for our client's mobile projects. Their global clients use their services to confirm that they get the best mobile app solutions. Their team of developers is committed to the success of a project.

Their outsourcing services give their clients with a variety of various pricing models to fill their needs.

The above list of top 10 trusted mobile app development companies in Japan & Hongkong. You can also recommend your favorite mobile app development company in the comment section.

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